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About us

Biometrix, is a branded global CRO and has been conducting clinical trials to support claims for over 25 years.  We have supported major multinational biotech, pharmaceutical, natural products, dermatology, cosmetics, wellness, nutrition, medical devices, and product manufacturers in clinical trials, claims support, regulatory services and many other activities around the world.

Not only do we conduct clinical trials, we assist you in all phases of clinical trials to ensure successful product development.  Partner with Biometrix and be the first to market with proof of concept and matching regulatory standard with user experience.

Our Services

Biometrix has been an industry leader for over 2 decades. Our Quality, Efficacy and Timely Delivery, makes us stand above the rest. We offer, Competitive Study Price, Premier Study Design, Great Flexibility, Large Panelist Database, Multi Ethnicity Population, Quick Turnaround Time, Robust QA/QC, Superior Custom Service and Innovation Methods


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