Strategic Alliances and Partnerships

Competencies and Advantages

  • Synergism: Participating companies and laboratories can maximize its expertise and competency by working together
  • Market Recognition: Partners as one unit are recognized and more competitive in the market and industry
  • Flexibility: Thanks to availability of our wide service coverage by combining of each partner’s expertise and competency, it is easier to meet various clients’ needs flexibly.
  • Sincerity: Unlike a large clinical research company, each participating company and laboratory can correspond to a client closely in any stage of study or program.

Strategic Alliance

Biometrix reached a cooperation agreement with industry specialized companies. The alliance provides opportunities for the development of pharmaceutical, dermatological and medical devices/products. In early 2002, Biometrix has entered into a strategic partnership with Lavipharm and University of California in San Francisco (UCSF). Under terms of the agreement, the companies will conduct joint contract researches and clinical pharmaceutical, transdermal and dermatological development projects. Also, under the agreement with UCSF, Biometrix plans to conduct a research on the novel HIV reverse transcriptase inhibitor developed by scientists at UCSF.

Laboratory Alliance

A cooperation agreement with laboratories worldwide allows Biometrix to develop globally accepted protocols and testing strategies. The globally accepted protocol and testing eliminate an unnecessary duplication of R&D procedures for companies that market their products in the USA, Europe, Asia and other countries.

University Relationships

Biometrix Inc. has its origin in the School of Medicine at San Francisco, ranked nationally as number one in medical science. We achieved the formal partnership between individual companies and major universities in 1998. This allows us to share in the assets, skills and resources. The Universities provide a list of complimentary services enabling projects broader in scope than Biometrix alone can provide. As scientists at the Universities and Biometrix know one other well, we facilitate interactions and complete projects in the ideal environment. Any single member, in solo or in a group of participants, undertakes projects.