Participants FAQs

What is a Clinical Study?

Clinical Study is a process to find a better or new ways of treating illness and disease.

Who can Participate?

If you are at least 18 years old of age and have contact information (phone, e-mail address, or mailing address), you may be qualified to participate in our studies. In addition to that, you must meet the requirements of a particular study.
Each study has specific requirements such as age, sex, ethnicity, or medical condition. We will review each Participant’s information and the study requirements to determine your eligibility in a study. Known risks and discomfort will be explained to you prior participating in the study. In addition, there may be unknown risks or side effects involved in participating in a clinical research. Study procedures, risks, and benefits are explained to volunteers during the informed consent process.

What is a clinical trial like?

It is like a regular visit to a doctor’s office or medical clinic. Our friendly staffs are trained to treat participants¬†professionally and with care.

What is expected from me as Participants?

You are responsible to commit to the study. We need you to be at your appointments on time, and follow instructions given carefully.

Are there any benefits for Participants?

The success of a study depends on the volunteers. You have the opportunity to learn new information about the products and use it. You will receive medical care* from physicians. In addition, you will receive compensation, while benefiting from using the products for free.

What are the risks?

Risks vary from one study to another study. It is impossible to say with certainty what the risks are of a particular study might be.

Am I protected?

You are protected by the same laws and ethics normally given by medical profession. You will be given Informed Consent that help protect you. Most of our study required an Institutional Review Board to review the general progress of the study.