Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials

Biometrix understands your need to move your product through the development pipeline expediently. Our Phase I – IV clinical research programs are designed to help streamline this process while providing our clients with value added service at a fair and competitive rate.

Safety & Efficacy 

We offer a wide range of testing services surrounding clinical safety, efficacy (claims substantiation) and research. Testing methodologies include, but are not limited to:

  • Clinical safety of product formulas and devices.
  • Clinical efficacy – making sure the product performs as you are claiming.
  • Clinical research – comparative evaluations, how does your product hold up against the competition or other versions of your formula.
  • Digital High-resolution images to show your results.

Testing Capabilities

We offer a full spectrum of regulatory, scientific, and testing solutions. We have the the expertise and in-house capabilities you need to understand which tests are required from a regulatory point of view after assessing all desired markets

  • Standard Clinical Research and Testing
    • Routine type of studies that are Sponsor supported
    • Pharma (OTC and Rx) Studies
    • Dermatology Studies
    • Pharmacokinetics and Bioavailability Studies –Dermal, Oral and IV
    • Bridging Studies
    • Cosmetic –Claims Substantiation & Safety
    • Dietary Supplements
    • Cannabinoids
  • Innovative & Advanced Studies
    • Mechanistic studies
    • Advanced Measurements
    • Studies using Advanced Technology & Skin Imaging
    • Advanced Technology

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